hearts and photos and randomness.

As I peek outside at the gray sky’s the feeling of winter surrounds me, with the exception of snow. Yes, we are still lacking in that department. Though the temperatures are still mild the air itself seems different, more winter-like. I want sun.

The birds are everywhere. Flying from tree to tree and across the river again. They are loving the apple tree out back, the apples that have fallen from it. There are still quite a few, not so pretty apples attached to branches, that is until the birds get those ones too.

Olive and I spent some time outside, though it felt colder so not as long as normal.


Olive LOVES LOVES LOVES talking to herself in the mirror and just being silly!

The evening before the big day Brandon spent most of it filling out cards and decorating envelopes. It was fun to watch him.

Valentines day was lovely.

I made a yummy stir fry.

And cookies.

All served on Valentines Day heart shaped paper plates. ;-D

We surprised Brandon with a pink hedgehog, chocolates, a marshmallow Spongebob and a Spongebob yoyo thingymajig.

‘Sup lonely park?


With temps up there lately, meaning way above normal I notice it. That itching to get out and do something fun. I love the fresh warm air and the blinding sun that calls for dark sunglasses. What better way to celebrate than to find the most lonely park and add some life to it in the middle of what is suppose to be winter. I put Olive in her stroller on Thursday afternoon, grabbed a quilt and my camera, and off we went.

It was brilliant. Olive was more than thrilled to be swinging and after every push she would start laughing and say to me “weeee, again?”

This park offers something our children have never experienced before. The  merry go round or as some call it the carousal. I spread the quilt out on it and sat her down.

At first she was a little hesitant until I hopped on with her, then she was all smiles.

The going ’rounds of course it flipped my stomach out haha but oh so worth it to see her loving it.

When it was time to go Olive was so upset and kept saying “swing”.

I can’t wait to go back, hopefully next week and take both she and Brandon. I know they will have a great time together and I know Brandon will absolutely love the merry go round.

One more full week of school and then Brandon will be on vacation. Ahhh, sweet vacation. More sleep. More r&r. More family time. Love.

Today was a do-nothing day for us, as most Saturdays are. The kids enjoyed staying in their pajamas all day and chilled out. That’s what I enjoy about the weekends with my family. It’s so laid back, nothing pressing to do. So relaxing.

Tomorrow we will work on Valentines Day cards.

One last thing, Olive is learning about feelings. When daddy is leaving she lays her head on my shoulder and pouts and says “I sad.” Or tonight when she hit Brandon with a wooden railroad piece and I said “no, Olive we don’t hit” she replied with “I sad” and pouted. Oh my gosh, It’s truly the sweetest thing.