Vermonster 4×4 2012.

We seriously could not have chosen a more beautiful day to spend outside at the first Vermonster 4×4 of the season. We have been anticipating this day since last fall. It was all we hoped it to be, a family tradition that started after Brandon was born.

Naturally, I thought about how Olive was going to react to the crowds this year, the noise and the general bustle of a fun filled day. Last one she attended at just 8 weeks old, in which she slept through the entire event at that time. She was a little hesitant when we first arrived but within a few minutes she didn’t seem to mind much.

Of course she cried when she had to wear her noise canceling ear phones because she wanted to “get down play?”

After about an hour she settled into her stroller and fell asleep! Yes, right in the middle of all the action.


She slept for a good hour or so, then woke to a little boy trying to talk to her and steal her food. She enjoyed some cheese crackers and watched on.



Brandon had a great time and was able to share his experience with his classmates and friends. He’s really looking forward to going back in September, as are we!





Foto Friday.


This is one of our favorite photos of Olive and Brandon. Taken when he was on school vacation.

New post coming soon with lots of photos from the past month.