I’m nice. and thankful.

Last night at dinner out of the blue, Olive comes up with these words and I have no idea where she heard this… “I’m nice!”

But this mama likes it.

She would take a bite and we would hear “I’m nice” coming from her tiny little girl voice all throughout dinner in between bites and she would smile her giant smile.

Really it was just the sweetest thing and I hope someday when she knows exactly what these words mean that she can say them to herself and to others with confidence and think the best of herself. Because confidence is a powerful thing.


Today we attended an annual Thanksgiving lunch at school, complete with all the fixin’s.

We were so happy to see Brandon, to spend time with him and talk about how his day was going.

We are happy to make this our family’s tradition every year.

So thankful. So very very thankful for this beautiful family I have.

I’m really so thankful for a lot of things this year…so many wonderful opportunities have come our way, and like all good things there have also been many letdowns too. It’s weird how life has so many twists and turns and bumps in the road yet somehow we keep going, pushing through it.

Challenges and obstacles, our life is full of them but luckily it’s mostly filled with happiness.


Olive and I are working on some product photography this afternoon that we will be posting tomorrow… oh and she and I are collecting apples, piling apples, throwing apples, using apples in place of bowling balls…yeah all that fun stuff that involves apples!

Happy Wednesday.