happy summer 2012.


Happy first official full day of summer!

Today it reached 100 degrees here in Wells River.What a way to ring in the summer of 2012, huh?  Yesterday was nearly as hot. Lots of time was spent inside, devouring popsicles, pouring cup after cup of iced coffee and flavored water. Movies. Popcorn. Yeah that was us. Hiding from the dreaded heat.Trust me when I say I truly did not enjoy the past two days of heat. Hot and humid and I do not get along anymore. Oh and on top of that the mosquitoes like us a little too much too. Our “bug spray” sucks. Or they just don’t care.

Brandon’s summer vacation didn’t start the way he or we envisioned it. He caught a really nasty cold with a junky cough two days before school got out which is just now subsiding slowly. Then Olive caught it. Took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with croup and an upper respiratory infection. She barely slept for two days, she needed two pillows to prop her up in her crib and she too had the same junky cough Brandon did. Her allergies have also been extreme this season requiring daily medication which I was hoping to avoid if possible. She’s just so sensitive to the outside air, it was the only way to go so she could enjoy being outside again.

We have a new addition in our family, Zoey. She is a Golden Retriever and she is five years old. She is the biggest love bug. Loves to be petted, loves to play, loves her ball, loves attention. She’s adorable and I’m so glad we chose to bring her home. Now Mena and Sophia, well maybe they are not as thrilled but I’m sure in time they will all become best buds. I hope.


Olive calls her “Yoey”. Hahahah!

Monday is our big day! We are taking Olive to Burlington to drop off the books everyone donated to The Vermont Children’s Hospital in celebration of her second birthday. There was a tremendous response and we are grateful for your help and support as we carry out this birthday tradition annually for both Olive and Brandon. THANK YOU ALL!

Can you believe our little lady will be two years old on Saturday? That’s just two days away!

We are hoping to plan Olive’s 2’nd BBQ at some point this summer. Last year was her first and that was at grampa’s house. We want to carry on the tradition by having one every year. We have many family members near and far, And friends that we would absolutely LOVE to attend if they can. We haven’t set a date for it yet, but when we do I will give notice so everyone has plenty of time to plan for it.

Stay cool!