Oh happy day.

Today was so beautiful. The sky. The sun. The warm 40 degree weather was so very welcoming.

Oh happy day, thank you for being so extraordinary being as I have felt very down lately and needed a bit of sun to perk me up.

Olive and I took advantage of it and walked into town to run a few errands before we greeted Brandon at the bus stop.

Yesterday was equally as nice though a little cooler.

We spent some time playing outside on the deck and talked about how great it will be this spring and summer when we can enjoy breakfast out there too.

I envision a picnic table with a cute vintage tablecloth, some spring flowers, grandma-style mugs, lots of coffee, conversations, happy kids  sipping orange juice while scribbling with chalk, making rainbows on the deck floor, lots of laughing and smiling, Oh and an abundance of sunrise. Okay so maybe it won’t be quite that dramatic haha, but I like to think it will.


This week has gone by so quickly.

Our apple-loving girl  checking out her tree.

Olive’s eye is getting better and doesn’t seem to bother her much, mostly it’s when she is first opening her eyes after waking up. We are hoping to get both she and Brandon in to see their new doctor for their check-ups as soon as possible. Not to mention Olive is due for her shots again, yikes.

saying  “love you” to herself in the mirror. Thats how she says her name right now.

Brandon is doing better with time management, both at school and at home. We are so proud of him. Every day is an improvement. I mostly blame myself because I treated him like a baby for so long, I mean wayyyyy after the baby stage, maybe like 7 years old, okay maybe closer to 8. It’s so hard though. Just hear me out on this. I’m sure some of you can relate. He was our first born. Not only that, but Brandon was an only child for 6 years. In that time we did everything for him. Really.   We started out with little things when Olive was born but never pushed the issue much. But I now realize this should have started many many years ago. I hate how this is affecting him in school. It had never crossed my mind until recently at a school meeting. His teacher sends home notes now letting us know how much he is improving already. This is good.


This weekend we will shop for Valentines Day cards and cookies. Maybe we will try our hand at cake pops if we have time. He’s been wanting to make them, not to mention Olive is obsessed with the infomercials.


Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. -Robert Brault

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Oh no’s.

Olive woke up on Thursday morning a little out of sorts, so to speak. I scooped her up and sat her in her highchair so I could make her and Brandon breakfast before I took him to school. I kept hearing “eyes” from around the corner. When I gave her the breakfast she pointed to the right one and said “eyes”. Of course I just thought she was making small talk like normal so I said it back to her. The morning went on and throughtout the afternoon she was still saying it and pointing. Still didn’t think anything was wrong because at that time they looked normal to me.

By evening, after dinner she started fussing and rubbing her face and eye, exclaiming “eyes”. I looked. It looked mildly bloodshot. I gave her a bath and put her to bed hoping by morning it would somehow resolve itself and be better.

She woke Friday and it looked a bit worse and she had a little swelling. I called the doctor but they were double booked and unable to see her but advised us to the Walk In Clinic which did not open until evening, when Olive would be in bed. She woke last night at 2am rubbing her eye. I could tell it must be super itchy and irritated. I suspected Pink Eye, also known as Conjunctivitis.

I took her to the Walk In this morning and she was diagnosed with Viral Conjunctivitis. “Oh No’s!” As Olive would say. No medications were necessary, just warm compresses and eye drops if needed. I hope Brandon doesn’t catch it as it is contagious for up to 14 days.


Last night we got a dusting of snow so here I was all excited thinking all morning that when Olive woke from her nap she, Brandon and I would be heading outside for some sledding. Sun is out just as bright and as warm as can be all day. I look out around 2:30pm and laugh because it practically disappeared within those few short hours. Goodbye snow. For now.




First photo was taken about a half hour ago. The other was taken 3 days ago. Yes it got up to 48 degrees that day as you can see towards the bottom of the digital. Nice, as Olive would say. Today it’s a chillin at 28 degrees, much more normal but obviously less desirable. Really I would absolutely love the 40’s with about 2 feet of snow vs the cold blustery conditions that are considered normal in the north east. Though that is not our reality as of yet. We have had a very mild winter thus far and the lack of snow here is almost unheard of in February.


More photos to come in the next few days.

back to school. and other musings.

Brandon has finally started back to school. We are crossing our fingers everything goes smoothly and he can get a full week in, something that has not been accomplished as of yet, since we moved here at the beginning of December. We crave routine. Structure in our children’s everyday lives. Something that we have lacked  lately.

Today we had a meeting with Brandon’s teacher to review his report card. He is doing excellent. Excellent at math, reading and science. Spelling too. Despite the missed days, he’s right on track with the other students. Tonight he was doing his homework and creating sentences on paper all by himself. He makes us so proud.

We are starting a task chart, which I am calling “Brandon’s List”, complete with a “Star Jar”. For each task he completes he earns a star for the jar. At the end of the week we will count the stars in the jar and if he has at least 22, he can play the Wii on the weekends. The list is to help motivate him, it includes simple things like eating your dinner in a timely manner, get ready for school, do homework, etc. I think it will work out great.


Olive has been teething like crazy these past few days. Like chewing on her sleeves till they are soaked. I would attempt to check her teeth but I’m afraid I would never get my fingers back, girlfriend has shark jaws hahah!

(she loves putting  Mr. Potato Head together)

I’ve been asking Olive if she can say certain words, usually when she’s in her highchair and I’m doing dishes, and here’s a list of most of the words she can say so far:




meme(our nickname for Mena, our dog)



























butterfly(fly fly)























olive (i love)


burt(as in Earnie and Bert)



poop (she is ALWAYS saying “I pooped”, even when she hasn’t.. 😀 )








french fries


thank you




…..She picks most words up by listening to her brother and if either Dennis or I are holding something or pick something up in front of her, we always say what it is out loud and ask her of she can say it.  We love hearing her talk, it makes us laugh hearing her little girl voice coming through now.

(reading Baby Talk magazine)


I’ve been working on our family tree. So much fun! I love reading about our ancestors. It’s amazing the research one can do with only a little bit of information. Very addicting.


We got a new car. This mama loves it.

But I must say, I dig the wheels on this car a bit more. 😉


I made ‘the best salad ever’. Seriously. Just had to put that out there.

This beautiful vintage table runner was Grammy White’s.  LOVE.


In other news, here it is ALMOST FEBRUARY, working on the 40 degree mark in the next few days and we have no snow right now, just patches of ice here and there. So not like Vermont at all.  Of course this can only mean one thing, We will be getting some very very soon and then my friends, we will be able to enjoy all that sledding we promised the kids.