Changes. This old house. A bath.

Big changes we had not announced on here before now…We are finally all moved. New town. New school. New atmosphere. And more importantly a new home..with our wonderful family just around the corner, literally. We love it!


I love the charm and character this old house brings. You know how much I love vintage and retro and this house does not lack any of it that’s for sure.

I love houses with a history. They have their own stories and if we are lucky enough maybe we will hear some of them over time. And hopefully we will have our own stories to add to this house in our future. I want our kids to recall a childhood home and I hope this is the one.

This my friends would have to be the most awesome sink ever. I mean check it out. Olive can have a bath in it, no problem. So retro. So vintage. And so lovely.

Olive’s favorite would have to be the vintage apple border throughout the kitchen and dining room…you know where this is going, apples, apples, apples..I hear it all day long and it makes me smile big.

We are on the river and the views are so beautiful. We even have an old train that passes by just about every day so when we hear it Brandon runs to peek outside.

I failed to mention our apple trees and also our peach tree. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
I love the quietness of our new tiny neighborhood, the people are pleasant and I especially like being on the outskirts of town yet close enough to everything we need.


We have been so busy these last few days going through stuff, putting things away, packing things to go into a closet to be sorted on a day when there is absolutely nothing else to do. Moving was the easy part, tying up lose ends of our former residence and adjusting to a new life in a new place is the hard part. We will get there in time.

(Olive’s Junie doll, courtesy of Melissa Love)

I brought Olive outside to explore the property and show her the river yesterday. I’m telling you this girl is hilarious and I absolutely love her imagination. I pointed to the river and said “Olive, what’s that?” Without hesitating she said “a bath!” She’s awesome.

Olive is now saying “hello” just as plain as day. When someone walks in or if the phone starts ringing she will say “hello” instead of the traditional “hi”. She also knows when to say bye and I don’t know how she knows I’m getting ready to hang up the phone but she will shout “bye” over and over again as I end my calls. Brandon also taught her to say “oh, dear!” Every time I hear it I giggle. She has her brothers personality that’s for certain.

Brandon is starting school here hopefully Monday. I’m sure he will make a lot of friends. Of course as a mama I’m nervous but deep down I just know he will be fine.


So, that’s what we have been up to…

I have more pictures to share, ones I have taken with the big camera only I have no ambition for editing tonight so it will have to wait for another day.

And our weather? It’s been like this the last few days.