hearts and photos and randomness.

As I peek outside at the gray sky’s the feeling of winter surrounds me, with the exception of snow. Yes, we are still lacking in that department. Though the temperatures are still mild the air itself seems different, more winter-like. I want sun.

The birds are everywhere. Flying from tree to tree and across the river again. They are loving the apple tree out back, the apples that have fallen from it. There are still quite a few, not so pretty apples attached to branches, that is until the birds get those ones too.

Olive and I spent some time outside, though it felt colder so not as long as normal.


Olive LOVES LOVES LOVES talking to herself in the mirror and just being silly!

The evening before the big day Brandon spent most of it filling out cards and decorating envelopes. It was fun to watch him.

Valentines day was lovely.

I made a yummy stir fry.

And cookies.

All served on Valentines Day heart shaped paper plates. ;-D

We surprised Brandon with a pink hedgehog, chocolates, a marshmallow Spongebob and a Spongebob yoyo thingymajig.

a snow day. & some favorites

It’s 3:30AM and i hear that distant yet familiar sound..the sound of a scraping blade coming up the road to plow snow, the house does a little jig as it rumbles by. Really I should be sleeping but instead i pull the covers back and get out of my cozy spot to peek out the window. Since our Keurig is broke and we are stuck waiting a few days for our replacement this means no early morning coffee for me, instead I tiptoe downstairs to warm some milk for hot chocolate. more later… It’s now almost 1PM and we got 8+” of snow and it’s still coming down. Lots of heavy wet snow. Dangerous roads. The morning commute home for my husband was 2 1/2 hours!  Not fun for anyone. I did get out to snap some photos with the camera on my phone. Our snow covered picnic table. Snowman measuring stick- made by my husband a few years ago.  He’s crafty. Snow covered bird feeder.

Of course we prefer to be on this side of the window on snow days.

Sipping cocoa under warm blankets, watching movies, having popcorn, playing games,  and all of the goodness winter brings…


Some of my favorite photos from this week.

The much anticipated  return of  tights.

Having her very own blueberry muffin.

Brandon playing a little Sonic.

Sunlight shining in on our girl.

Car rides.

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy your day and give thanks.