Believe in the season. school. photos

(watching daddy put away outdoor furniture)

(back yard)

(rain drop)

(mena loves it)

The photos above were taken last week as was me writing this draft.


For some reason I still cannot find our Christmas decorations. I thought I had peeked in every box but they are still missing so tomorrow I will look some more. Still no tree. No decorations. No holiday treats. Nothing that resembles our love for the holidays. We have ice on the edge of the house though. And snow covered hedges. If that counts as Christmas-y.


I look outside though and realize we are surrounded by everything Christmas-like in one way or another and it’s a beautiful sight.

(I call it beautiful, Olive calls it a bath!)

The porches of each neighbor covered in lights and so festive. Our town has their holiday on, so to speak. You know the infamous “seasons greetings” adorning every lighted pole and the familiar giant lighted snowflakes you see everywhere this time of of year, a reminder that Christmas is almost here.

Around every corner there seems to be more holiday magic happening. Of course being new to this little town we have yet to discover all of it’s magic as of yet, but it will happen.

Olive thinks so too!

It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas ’round here.  We have been enjoying holiday specials. In search of anything with Christmas in the title or description. Tonight it was Penguins Of Madagascar Christmas. Gotta love those penguins!



The day after I wrote this draft I finally found the holiday decorations and tonight we decorated the ‘happy tree’.

I know some of you will be wondering just why it is named the happy tree and we will have to get to that story another time but i tell you this lonesome and almost forgotten tree is now happy once again. I’m really hoping I can keep up with this little tradition we started a few years back because our kids enjoy it very much.

(olive is mesmerized by the tree decorations and lights)

(Brandon lounging and watching Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas)


Brandon started back to school today and has already made so many friends. He likes this school and says his teacher is great. We had to laugh when he came home happily telling us about his day and how at lunch he had to move to another table because the girls were swarming him- his words.. haha.  His teacher offered a seat with her at her table instead along with a boy her has quickly become friends with. We have a Christmas play to attend this week; A Pirate Christmas. We can’t wait!  Olive doesn’t know what to think of Brandon being gone from her sight once again. I can tell you she recognizes buses and will yell “the bus” excitedly, at any bus she gets her eye on.

These past few days  has left our little Olive  not feeling well.

There have been lots of snuggling and rocking to sleep in this mama’s arms these last two days.

That’s how I can always tell our babies are sick. They are generally not into snuggling, never have been. But when they are sick they cling to me like static to a balloon. I suck it up, trust me.


A few more pictures just because.


(southern comfort eggnog, whipped cream, shredded chocolate flakes)

(cute winter tights and boots)

(Olive’s hat- courtesy of Three Kittens Knitting)

(our train)

(cute antique bell on our house)

(This was a must, love at first sight for our little apple lovin’ girl)


And last but certainly not least, little Olive.

-Believe in the season.

thanksgiving. birthday memories. photos.

Eight years ago, but i still remember it like it was yesterday.

Brandon arrived eight days earlier than anticipated.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and you can bet we had a ton to be thankful for, our little family of three at the time.

We spent Thanksgiving in the hospital that year and it was so wonderful just to be there with my husband, looking down into the plastic carrier at our little baby sleeping and thinking how lucky we were to be new parents.  I was, and still am,  so thankful for life, thankful for this day and all of those to come and eight years ago just praying we would do right with this little guy. Eight years later and that little baby has turned out to be such a kind spirited, light hearted,  but confident child. An awesome, amazing boy and we are so proud to be his parents.

A look back at Brandon…

Brandon, we love you so much. Happy Birthday! xoxo Mama, Daddy & O




Happy Holidays to you and you and you…

13th Anniversary. Mount Washington.

Sunday we headed to the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire with our children to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  Elevation 6,288 ft. We took the Auto Road up to the top with a few stops along the way to take some photos and let our engine cool. It was a gorgeous sunny day with temperatures in the 70’s and the Auto Road was bustling with other cars just as anxious to get to the top to see the amazing view as we were.  It was 8 miles to the top of the mountain and took us about 45 minutes because of all the wonderful pull-offs along the way just begging for a girl with camera in tow.  ;-D I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  The ride up the Auto Road offered much to be seen itself with man made rock piles,  twisty S curves and had  incredible panoramic views. Once we reached the top we realized what all the hype was about. Breathtaking views! This trip was filled with memories to last a lifetime.