Foto Friday


Olive in her vintage baby dress.

Happy Friday to all!

Check back for  a post with lots of new photographs hopefully this weekend.

In the meantime you can always follow our updates through Twitter, our name is jwhi4633.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A bug. Oldies.

It was 2am this morning when I awoke to the sound of crying in between a puking episode. Poor Olive. I quickly changed her, her bedding and started a load of laundry. I put her back to bed but she knew puppy was in the wash and we all know girlfriend can’t sleep without it so she waited. And waited. Around 5am, somewhere between listening to Steve Perry’s “Oh, Sherry” and Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing compares to you”  I heard the buzz of the dryer  proclaiming it’s done. The puppy was finally dry. She snuggled with him a few moments before drifting off to sleep again. It must have been just a slight touch of the flu bug because she was fine all day today. Whew.  Really, I hate to see our children sick. I turn into a little helpless mama. I get all panicky and emotional seeing our babies sick and want nothing more but for them to feel better again.


Tonight I cuddled with Brandon in the big chair and watched a show we use to watch all the time together, Wipe Out. We hadn’t watched it since last fall I believe. We laughed out loud. It felt good to just laugh. Tomorrow, I’m planning on opening his new Battleship game he got from Santa and coaxing him into playing it with me. I haven’t played Battleship myself since I was just a little girl and the games have really gotten better with time. Can’t wait.


I know I haven’t taken and posted any pictures from my camera in over a week. Truth is, I have been avoiding it. The camera. Like a plague. Last time I used it we were going to see dad. I look at the bag several times a day but I have yet to open it.

I will in time. ..


Meantime, Here are a few oldies, as I like to call them. It’s always nice to look back and remember.


Oh, one more thing.

When I ask Olive if she can say Olive, she replies with “love you”. Every time. Melts my heart.

A look back.

These were all taken in the spring of 2011. Olive had just learned to walk. Looking back even just over the past few months and seeing how much she has changed and grown is amazing. These two have an inseparable bond that I never would have imagined given their difference in age. Love.