lovey love.

Brandon was 6 when he began his attachment to a cute plush mouse.

Mickey Mouse.

(yep, Mickey went to see Smurfs, in 3D!)

Before this Brandon wanted nothing to do with stuffed animals. Almost immediately it was Mickey this, Mickey that, Mickey must go here and there and everywhere. Mickey has had quite the life with Brandon, even taking him to the tippy top of Mount Washington, taking in the serene scenery! Mickey’s life is grand to say the least.

Lucky mouse.

Mickey even has the luxury of riding in a shopping cart when we go shopping.

Yes he goes everywhere, and i mean everywhere.

Even skydiving…don’t worry, he’s fine…landing safely into the arms of Brandon of course.  ;-D

He’s got so much adventure in him i tell ya. From the moment he left the dungeon store, it’s been nothing but fun and games.


Olive became attached to her puppy blanket from the beginning.

She was about 2 months old when we got it for her. Like Brandon and Mickey, Olive and puppy go just about everywhere together.

Bedtime, naps, stroller rides, car rides, to the park, etc…

Wherever Olive has been puppy is almost guaranteed to have been there with her too.

I’m so glad they each have something sentimental that means so much. In a way i think it helps bring out the best in them.

Happy Friday.

13th Anniversary. Mount Washington.

Sunday we headed to the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire with our children to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  Elevation 6,288 ft. We took the Auto Road up to the top with a few stops along the way to take some photos and let our engine cool. It was a gorgeous sunny day with temperatures in the 70’s and the Auto Road was bustling with other cars just as anxious to get to the top to see the amazing view as we were.  It was 8 miles to the top of the mountain and took us about 45 minutes because of all the wonderful pull-offs along the way just begging for a girl with camera in tow.  ;-D I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  The ride up the Auto Road offered much to be seen itself with man made rock piles,  twisty S curves and had  incredible panoramic views. Once we reached the top we realized what all the hype was about. Breathtaking views! This trip was filled with memories to last a lifetime.