Crawler Covers Envy.

Really, we just love these Crawler Covers and can’t stop talking about them!

I love that they stay put and keep her legs warm too, plus they look really really cute with everything she wears. Case in point, these adorable pink baby Converse sneaks.

Crawler Covers would look so great with Halloween costumes, they can even wear these on their arms under tee’s and they look fabulous! Olive will be wearing a pair this Halloween along with her Little Red Riding Hood costume I’m making. We can’t wait!

I put together a little collage below of Olive modeling a few of her Crawler Covers but i highly recommend you visit them yourself and see the other selections too! Let them know Olive sent you!

Crawler Covers Rock.

We just can’t say enough about Laurie at Crawler Covers. She rocks. Crawler Covers rock. Olive rocks a pair out every day. Not to mention you can pair them up with just about any outfit like we do, for a unique fashion all your own.  The Crawler Covers Olive has are just so stylish. We love the skulls, peace signs, stripes and bold vibrant colors that just scream FUN! We want to see lots of children in Crawler Covers so visit Crawler Covers today and please LIKE on Facebook too!  Let Laurie know Olive sent you!