sweet November.

It’s so hard to believe a new year is upon us. This one has literally flew by.  Mornings are now spent trying to savor those last few minutes under warm blankets just begging to be snuggled a bit longer than usual.

These are the days i hit the snooze button a zillion times before I realize I’ve slept in a little too long and have to take Brandon to school instead. Not that I mind taking him to school at all, in fact I absolutely love it, I just don’t like to have to scrap frost off the windshield first. I remember loving winter when I was much younger. The cold didn’t bother me one bit. I loved the snow. Making snow men, snow angels, ice skating, skiing, sledding,  it was great.


Well, Let’s just say I would prefer to be woken up in the spring haha!

 Kidding aside, I do enjoy spending time outside playing with the kids. Olive obsesses over the fallen apples, per usual and Brandon and I enjoy kicking a ball around while she chases it back and fourth.

The fall leaves are very crunchy from the frost they have endured and oh so fun to run through.

(Olive in Crawler Covers)

Isn’t this pixie hat the cutest? Olive’s Auntie Diane made a few of these from a vintage pattern she had and we just love them so much!!

Right now we have a few mild days in between the cold ones, a tease of sorts. So we soak it up and enjoy those days because we know as each day passes we are that much closer to winter and all it brings.

(Olive in Crawler Covers. Perfect for fall!!)

We have had a few flurries here and there but it wont be long before the real stuff arrives. Brandon is already talking about his Birthday, which is quickly approaching and making a Christmas list for Santa.

Speaking of Santa, we will be visiting him shortly for pictures.

But for now, we will enjoy apples, crispy crunch leaves beneath our soles, hat’s and mittens, hot chocolate, extra snuggles,  warm cider and anything else that makes the fall months much more bearable.

Like kids in cute hats!

blanket of leaves.

This was the scene just one week ago at our house.

Two days later..

And now…

Leaves blanket the ground as the last of them fall so gracefully from the trees, sometimes circling, sometimes swaying, sometimes just gliding along until they reach the bottom.  They never just fall strait down, they make a show of it. Every last one of them.

A blanket of leaves now cover our back lawn.

Just begging to be played in.   Tossed into the air, ran through, enjoyed.  So we happily oblige.

So this is how we spend our days. The days before the weather call us to stay inside more.

Peek A Boo!

We wait with anticipation..

Until we hear one of our favorite sounds..

the screeching of  bus wheels as it rolls down the hill.

And our girl gets this look on her face.

Because she knows what happens next! She will screech and holler and wave like he’s a little celebrity and she’s his biggest fan. I love this!

Fall Foliage in Vermont

Yesterday was the perfect day to get out and take some last minute fall photos.

The tree’s are now shedding their pretty leaves, making way for another season.

Fall foliage in Vermont calls for reds, greens  purples, oranges and yellows…..

and everything in between.

Making ordinary rivers so picturesque.

And making our views extraordinary.

It seems just about every tree in sight has some beauty to show.

Reminding us to enjoy what is left of this season.

Fall Foliage and change

Stepping out of the house the air is crisper.

The apples on our trees are falling.

More days call for hats and sweaters.

The leaves on the ground are crunchy and the ones still intact are as vibrant and colorful as ever.

It’s an absolutely beautiful time of year here in northern Vermont. I love the fall foliage season. Reds, oranges, and yellows look as though they were painted on trees and all i can think of is how beautiful this would all look on canvas.

The anticipation to decorate for Halloween with the kids, the pumpkin carving traditions, the warm apple pies to be had, then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to too. A bunch of new memories to make with our family.

We are looking forward to it all, but for now we will soak up what we can of this fall foliage before it’s gone. A  memory.  One I had the pleasure of capturing for our children.