Seven to eight. & Our thanksgiving. & sledding.

Tonight I gave Brandon and Olive baths, lotioned and jammied them and put Olive into bed early with her puppy. Milk is being warmed in a saucer so I can make Brandon some hot chocolate before bed. It’s so surreal these last few hours of him being 7 years old, jumping and playing with his Sonic action figures with a fierce energy and enthusiasm it seems only children have.

When I look back and see photos of him at Olive’s age it makes me sad that he grew up so quickly, that time I once took for granted, and that time is gone and only now a memory and I forget some things about him when he was a baby sometimes so I have to refer to the baby book to recall what his favorite food was at a year old or what his favorite toy was at 6 months or when he got his first little baby tooth. And then I feel like a failure because I can’t remember those things on my own and what about 2 years and 3 and 4 and so on? What about all of those things I can’t remember? I only had a book for the first year…

our little boy we love you so much.

I will savor these last few hours as he goes from seven to eight years old and I will remember how I took him and Olive sledding together today and how he held her tight as we zipped around the back yard full of smiles and laughter, how we had hot chocolate together and he asked to play a Sonic game on the computer before bedtime and anticipated his upcoming birthday but saying he wanted to stay seven…. and that he only wanted presents and brownies haha!


We were so thankful to spend the day in New Hampshire with our family for Thanksgiving. It was absolutely wonderful and now a cherished memory. With lots of photos.

Olive and Brandon’s jumbo letter shirts courtesy of Gorno Couture.

Brandon and Olive enjoyed watching a Charlie Brown Special at Grampa’s.

And we caught a glimpse of a gorgeous sunrise outside dads door come morning.


We got home this afternoon, took our boots off and then I had the most brilliant idea. Let’s put our boots back on and go sledding. It was so fun. The temperature was very mild at nearly 50 degrees, perfect to get outside and enjoy it.

Leaving you with a Friday sunset.

Enjoy your weekend.

Brandon and Olive In Gorno Couture

Lisa at Gorno Couture sent Brandon and Olive these really cute super sized initial long sleeved  shirts. The long sleeves are perfect for these falls days that have approached us and these shirts are so soft and comfortable.

We love the chunky yarn stitching too! So perfect! Brandon says he is wearing his Gorno Couture shirt to school tomorrow to show his friends and his teachers.

Gorno Couture also offers  number shirts in regular size and super size as well! Think birthdays, hint hint!

I love that these shirts are customizable, t-shirt or 3/4 sleeve,  from the color of your shirt, to the color felt you would like, right down to the color of yarn stitching.  How cool are these?!

They make adult sizes too, which i think would be perfect for an anniversary photo shoot! Great for family portraits or group shots too.  The possibilities are endless!

Head over to Gorno Couture and let Lisa know Brandon and Olive sent you…

Become a fan of their Facebook page to be in-the-know of occasional sales and promos!

I spy a super cute Ghastly Ghost at Gorno Couture! Do ghosts come any cuter? I think not, especially with chunky yarn stitching!!