A winter reminisce.

Olive is really getting into her holiday spirit.

Breaking out the Santa hat for a little coloring session. She loves to color, almost as much as she loves apples but not quite.

Yep, our apple loving girl prefers to snack on what else? APPLES when we are out and about.

I wonder what these next few months are going to be like once the snow covers the ground. Will she love it because she can play in it with Brandon? Or maybe she won’t like it because its cold…

Only time will tell, but I certainly look forward to her reaction this year.

Last winter she was only 6 months old and confused about the fluffy white stuff but all in all she didn’t seem to mind it.

(See photos below of Brandon and Olive’s first ever sledding excursion together from last winter…don’t worry no hills were involved and I just pulled them along). As you can see Brandon absolutely loved it!

With the holidays quickly approaching I am reminded of our need to purchase a new Christmas tree this year. I look forward to having Brandon help us decide and pick out a few new ornaments as well.

I saw a really cool holiday craft project on Kelle’s blog, and now I’m inspired once again. I think it’s about time for a trip to Michaels after seeing those adorable tree’s she created. She’s brilliant so check her out here!

With all of these festivities in mind there is one in particular I’m excited about, Brandon’s 8th birthday. 8! Where does the time go?

Olive in a few skirts & other crafts I made.

Red, White & Black Skirt  12-18 months -$10

Checkered Skirt 12-18 months -$10

Apron 12 months to 3 years– blue and white flowers with heart(first picture) -$8

Vermont Applique’d Baby Pants 12 months -$10

12-18 month Twirl Skirt $10

12 month Blue Dress $10

You can purchase through my shop… HERE