A winter reminisce.

Olive is really getting into her holiday spirit.

Breaking out the Santa hat for a little coloring session. She loves to color, almost as much as she loves apples but not quite.

Yep, our apple loving girl prefers to snack on what else? APPLES when we are out and about.

I wonder what these next few months are going to be like once the snow covers the ground. Will she love it because she can play in it with Brandon? Or maybe she won’t like it because its cold…

Only time will tell, but I certainly look forward to her reaction this year.

Last winter she was only 6 months old and confused about the fluffy white stuff but all in all she didn’t seem to mind it.

(See photos below of Brandon and Olive’s first ever sledding excursion together from last winter…don’t worry no hills were involved and I just pulled them along). As you can see Brandon absolutely loved it!

With the holidays quickly approaching I am reminded of our need to purchase a new Christmas tree this year. I look forward to having Brandon help us decide and pick out a few new ornaments as well.

I saw a really cool holiday craft project on Kelle’s blog, and now I’m inspired once again. I think it’s about time for a trip to Michaels after seeing those adorable tree’s she created. She’s brilliant so check her out here!

With all of these festivities in mind there is one in particular I’m excited about, Brandon’s 8th birthday. 8! Where does the time go?

It’s all about books.

It all started with a simple request at her baby shower.

It went something like this:

“We would love for everyone that wishes to bring something to please bring a book with a hand written message inside the cover.”

We loved that Olive received so many beautiful books with messages from our loved ones that she can looks back at in the years to come as she learns to read.

Right now our two children have a love for books.

 *Olive in Crawler Covers*

The Very Lazy Ladybug has quickly taken the lead as a current favorite of Olive’s.

This girl loves books so much she will make sure she has a book to look at in bed too.

And even after the lights go out, she uses the illumination of a nearby television to look at her book for a few minutes more.

Brandon’s current favorite is Junie B. Jones. He especially loves it when I play the part of Junie B and all her quirkiness. We highly recommend this series to children in grades 1 and 2.

Yesterday we worked on a floor puzzle together.

He loves the Smurfs!

I didn’t get a photo of the finished puzzle but i must say it was very cool. It was in the shape of a smurf instead of the traditional ‘square’ puzzle. So challenging but fun!

Before i go i want to share one last picture of Olive’s expression when she saw the bus pull up yesterday afternoon. So glad i was quick enough to capture it.

Can you say love?

The changes.

It’s time to dig out those sweaters, slippers, hats and all that promises to keep us warm. We scurry around trying to get everything thing all set in our home. This is what is also know as batten down the hatches here in the north east.  Oh and those last minute stroller rides, because nowadays everything seems to be last minute.

It can only mean one thing after all, winter is approaching and quickly.  As much as i do not like winter mainly because of the harsh temperatures and the blustery snow that never fails to make it to my doorstep. I deal. All of the goodness that happens before that makes it more bearable.

The festivities. The family gatherings. The stories. The meals. The laughter. The conversations. The memories we make.  It warms our souls. ..Keeping our lives balanced and good. I look forward to that part the most.

Saying goodbye to summer was hardest though. And my attachment had nothing to do with the weather.  Olive turned 1. Brandon started 2nd grade and there was so much learning being had by both of our children.  So many changes.  It’s amazing both how much Olive is doing now and learning in just a short amount of time. And the stuff they are teaching and learning in second grade these days just blows me away! Children are so smart!!

A look back:

Beach days.


Olive’s 1’st Birthday.

Brandon’s 1’st day of Second grade. Mega confidence.


Park days.

Sad those days are now just a memory but glad i got to capture it so we can look back now and again and remember it all.