Today has been a year

A year without Dad.

My heart is heavy with sadness. I always think about the “could have been and should have beens” and it feels like it breaks into a million pieces all over again. It’s just not fair Dad.


I wish I had more time to tell you and show you just how much we appreciate and love you.

You are never far from our thoughts and we talk about you always.

We miss you greatly Dad, everyday, and we love you so much!

a letter to Dad.

Though yesterday was hard for us, there was no place I would have rather been on “Sunday”, unless of course it was sitting at your kitchen table sipping coffee and swapping stories. I miss that so much, but i miss you more.
It was a beautiful day, the temperature, the nice breeze. Your bench and marker were placed and it felt so good to finally have those there for you! Everyone remarked on how you would have loved the truck on your marker and how they wished you could have seen it.
It was good to hear laughter, stories from years past and kids playing in a place filled with only sorrow, hopelessness and tears previously. I hope you heard Olive whisper “I love you” as we walked away. Love you dad and miss you so much.