Today has been a year

A year without Dad.

My heart is heavy with sadness. I always think about the “could have been and should have beens” and it feels like it breaks into a million pieces all over again. It’s just not fair Dad.


I wish I had more time to tell you and show you just how much we appreciate and love you.

You are never far from our thoughts and we talk about you always.

We miss you greatly Dad, everyday, and we love you so much!

Old and new. 2013!

For those of you that do not follow us on Facebook I’m sure you have been wondering where on earth my updates are? Okay maybe no, haha! But anyhow, life as you all know gets busy sometimes and sometimes when I’m just not feeling like myself the last thing I think about is writing. I actually sat down to make this post a week ago but I ended up with a major ear ache so it didn’t happen. But here I am now, ready to tell you about what has been going on with our holidays and such! Remember in my last post I believe I was talking about Brandon staring back to school? Turns out our little man now has a girlfriend! Thats right, his first girlfriend! Aww!



Halloween 2012 was the most wonderful Halloween to date. I mean both kids had fun and the weather was nice, neither of which happened the past few years. Olive was NOT afraid of anyone! She walked up to houses with confidence and knocked on doors, said please and thank you! She’s a smart and polite two year old. I think even Brandon had more fun and could actually enjoy the night without being bundled up and cold. Brandon wanted to be Sonic in 2012 but I didn’t really want to spend a fortune on a costume I knew he would only wear for a few hours at most so we improvised. I got his attire ready, made a mask for him and everything. He didn’t like the attire I picked out so he threw on his bathrobe and my rain boots and he was ready because he just wants to be his own person(thats what he says haha)! He was adorable! Olive went as a black kitty cat! Everyone loved it and she got a lot of compliments. Thank you $3 cat suit! I cant wait to pass it down to another lucky toddler next year!








Thanksgiving was very quiet at our house. I set the table the evening before, getting everything really cozy and homey feeling. I always enjoy the smells of Thanksgiving. The warm scents of food that fill the rooms. It brings me comfort. This year it was different. Just us four. Last year we had Thanksgiving with Dad. It was our last Thanksgiving with him. And this year was our first without him. It hurt my heart that day to know he wasn’t here. Ugh. Sorry no photos of our Thanksgiving from the big camera but if you follow us on Instagram- Jwhi4633 you can see some there taken with my IPhone! Lots of new photos almost everyday!


In early December our lovely family members put together a Christmas party(thank you Sheila, Allen and Rachel!) The kids and I had the best time! Good food, good stories and good company, who could ask for more? It was perfect! We had such a wonderful time watching cousins interact with each other, tearing open gifts together and capturing the moments we wish to never forget. It was all so beautiful! I love that we live closer to our family now so we can make memories together! We can’t wait until next year to do it again!





















Brandon’s annual school Christmas concert absolutely rocked AGAIN! Seriously, this music teacher is nothing short of amazing! She really had everything so perfect and each year I leave with a full grateful heart! Our son loves music and I think it’s mostly due to her outlook on it. She makes everything fun and upbeat! Such a talented teacher and the most talented students! This year was Jingle Bell Jukebox. It was a soda shop theme and my goodness you would really have to be there to see to appreciate their production. Brandon has the sweetest personality too, he was bowing and waving and really getting into it. It was GREAT!













Christmas, I felt more relaxed than ever before. I don’t know what came over me but as soon as Thanksgiving was over I rushed myself into “Christmas mode” and didn’t stop until it was here! I really got into it this year. I suddenly want Christmas villages, candles,  trinkets and holiday crafting has become a small hobby. Am I turning into a little Grandma already? My house is starting to look it. Christmas morning started early, if you consider 7am early. Does it count that Brandon woke me up at 5am and I held him off until 7? I got up, made coffee for Den and I, went into the living room and moved the ottoman next to the tree so Den and I could have the perfect view while we watched the kids open their presents. Me snapping photos of each tear, and each smile as they anticipated opening another and then another. We sipped coffee, used our amazement-voices when each showed us something new they got and we enjoyed each others company. We know before too long these days will be gone. We cherished every second. Pete and Diane, Mark and Chris were here in the afternoon. The kids always have a blast when they arrive. It was great to have our family here for Christmas. We all enjoyed a big dinner and each others company. The kids got a record player for Christmas so we played Christmas tunes and they loved it! Plus they had a table all their own this year which they were excited about.







2013? I hope to get back into writing more like I use to. I dont know if it will happen but I’m going to make more of an effort.

Here’s one from this afternoon!