School. Life. Mug swap.

So we have officially begun the school year, it’s September and Autumn is just around the corner. Leaves are already beginning their changes and falling and every once in a while I can smell it in the air. That nice, crisp, familiar smell that these changes in seasons bring. Have I ever mentioned how much I just love Fall? Love it! That is all.


My attempt at a third grade photo. Or a few.

Brandon is settling into his new classroom nicely. Third grade is off to a great start. He really likes his teachers and comes home happy to tell us all about his very fun day of learning. He has a few close friends already so that definitely puts my mind at ease this year.

Olive cries when it’s time for him to go unless she comes along to the bus stop with us in the morning, in that case she just waves and says “bye Bama!” Then she will say “Bama’s at school” most of the day, or “I miss Bama!” Brandon has an old Diego backpack, used for dress-up from a few years back. The other morning Olive picks it up, slings it over her shoulder like a pro, walks to the door and proclaims “I’m going to school!” Cutest ever, I know!

Oh and I just may or may not be “the clingy mother” this year. Yes my son is in third grade. He’s almost  nine years old, and I still hold his hand and walk him to class when he doesn’t ride the bus. I make sure to give him a big hug in front of his friends to bid him a good day or to greet him at the bus stop after school. I say “clingy” because I see other parents drop their first graders and Kindergarten children off at the door, without getting out of their cars, and their kids march right down the hall to their classrooms all confident and everything.  As much as I want my son to be a confident-march-to-classroom type individual I realize I’M NOT READY TO LET GO YET….I figure he will let me know when it’s time.


About three weeks ago I was logged into my Instagram account(jwhi4633) when I came across an annual Mug Swap. This was Kim’s second year. Being a week or so late in the game I thought for sure I was out for this year. BUT, Sweet Kim, over at contacted me and was kind enough to pair me up and I up and I am so very thankful for this wonderful opportunity!

For those of you wondering “What exactly is a mug swap?”

It’s a swap of mugs (AKA coffee mugs, tea mugs, etc..) It was a blast. I loved searching for the perfect mug for my partner. I knew I wanted something that represented the state in which I live in. I found an awesome Vermont mug with a covered bridge on it and knew it would be just perfect! I picked out some yummy tea I thought every mother in the universe should have and sent her some to go along with her cup. My favorite part was packaging it all cute and everything to ship it, knowing she would be receiving it in a few short days.

Isn’t this package adorable?

I had the coolest mug swap partner EVER and I just adore my new mug!

Let me just say, looking at it makes my mind wander to vacation days, the beach, ocean waves, relaxation, etc..

Can you see why?

A little bit of heaven on earth, right on my table!

Thanks Kristin, from New Jersey!!!!

I cannot wait until next years swap…