Summer vacation. Out. The gift of Giving.



June is here and its hard to believe summer is on its merry wqy. Oh, and little Olive is turning 2 years old in three weeks! Awe man, why do the years have to slip by us so fast? Not fair!


Have I mentioned by years end we will have celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and our sweet Brandon will not only be a third grader but also he will be nine in November! Nine! Incredible!!

Speaking of school, Brandon has just two and a half more days until his summer vacation begins! I don’t know about him but I am looking forward to not having to get up at six every morning, for a few months anyway. Of course we have been discussing the whole “back to school” thing already, you know, the choosing of the backpack, lunch bag, new clothes. I know what your thinking “whoa, back it up there! He is not even on vacation yet Haha! This mama is just trying to perk him up a bit about an exciting new year ahead of him.

 We have been enjoying the outdoors as much as we possibly can. Walks to the park the post office, the library, dolly walks around our little neighborhood, anywhere we think might give us a moment of fresh air. .




 Olive says “YOU have yourselves a good weekend!”





Olive will be accepting book donations throughout June if anyone would like to donate a book to the children’s hospital. She will personally be delivering the books to The Vermont Children’s Hospital annually and her brother has shown interest in doing the same on his birthday as well, in November. This will be a great learning experience for our children. The gift of giving back. Any children’s books would be great, board books for babies and toddlers, young reader books, tween and teen books, etc. We look forward to this new birthday tradition and we hope you can help us make this possible, and we thank you all so much!

If donating, please send your book to:


PO BOX 178


Olive will be sending out postcards, decorated by herself, thanking you for your generosity.

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