A look back to a perfect Sunday. A photo post.

This was our trip to the wooden park last Sunday.

It was bright, sunny, warm, and just about everything that this Sunday is not.  We met Chris, Meg and Gabriel there for some playtime.

This was a park we had never been to before. It had wood play structures, swings, tall trees, benches, picnic and bbq areas. There was so much fun to be had in such a small area.

Brandon checking his balance.

Aren’t these trees cool?

The trees were so tall in fact, I could not get Olive and the whole tree in the same photograph without leaving her side and walking several hundred feet away. Maybe next time I can talk Brandon into standing with her so i can get the shot.

So she got bored with my photographing she decided to sit down hahah!

Brandon’s check up went well. He’s at the 14th percentile for weight and 33rd percentile for height. He has another appointment in 6 months to check his weight again because it was low. He eats healthy so they want us to just continue what we are already doing. No shots, so we will chalk this up as a perfectly smooth appointment.

Some things we are loving right now:

Chalk art on the deck

Pastel colored nail polish

Grilling outside again

Stroller walks

Trips to the park

Saturday movie nights

Mini pancakes

Drawing pictures


Reading chapter books

Dr Goose blocks

Opening windows

Coconut shampoo(reminds me of the ocean)

Angry birds action figures

Angry birds on the ipad

Mickey Mouse

Sonic The Hedgehog

Learning about seasons

Pine cones

Hanging clothes outside

Listening to the birds every morning

Spring dresses

Pastel sandals

Colored pencils

Playdates with friends


A few more because I missed the weekly  foto Friday post.

And a happy Sunday to you!

p.s. I encourage you all to follow us on twitter, jwhi4633,  where you can see daily updates and other photos that I don’t post here.

2 thoughts on “A look back to a perfect Sunday. A photo post.

  1. Hi!! I want you to know that i HAVE BEEN STALKING YOU LOL JK…. I don’t always comment because I just quickly check in with you. But I am loving you all as always. I will be posting pics soon I promise it has been a weird week lol Brandon and Miss O are getting so tall ❤
    I will check in soon love always, Rachel

  2. I want you to know that I have been stalking you jk lol…… I usually just read everything quickly and have no time to comment. it has been a crazy week I will post later with some pics too.. Brandon and little Miss O are getting so tall my goodness. talk to you soon love you all always! , Rachel

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