a photo post.

So, I have finally broke down and made cake pops for the first time. Not just any cake pops, springtime cake pops.

Making them was quite easy.

It was the candy coating I thought was a bit tricky.

Next time I will add a little shortening, like the directions called for. The pastel sprinkles I picked made them look so pretty.


Doesn’t this look devine? Trust me when I say they were scrumptious.

I would have to say, sometimes I impress myself with my abilities.


Yesterday Olive and I got together with Bridget and Gabriel and headed to the park for some fun. It was bright, sunny and warm…just perfect.

Hello capri’s!


They are so not use to being around someone their own age so this is a new experience for both of them. And they are loving it more as they spend more time together.


Stopped to take a quick 20 month portrait of  Olive. 😀



Today Gabriel came over for a few hours for some more play time with Olive.

And I noticed they have something else in common, reading.

Especially when it involves talking cars.


Happy Friday to you!















One thought on “a photo post.

  1. so sweet! My cake pop experience was a mess lol. I will try to cand pieces next time Daniel loved them but he calls them cake ball . he would go to the counter ,point and say cake ball mumma! Olive is so beautiful I can’t believe they are almost 2!! have a great weekend! love you xoxo

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