mini pancakes.

So this week is buzzing by so quickly, it’s hard to believe it is Friday already. Brandon has a half a day of school today and was pretty excited about having a longer weekend.


Yesterday we got a little more snow, so now we have about an inch and boy is it ever cold here.


I started the potty training with Olive, this is day two. Nothing yet but she seems really interested and likes to just sit for now so it’s a little start.  Her eye has been bothering her again so I think her pink eye is coming back, same eye, ugh.


Last night I made the kids favorite breakfast for dinner.

Miniature pancakes. So fun.

Just a 1/2 tablespoon of pancake batter(we used blueberry) on the electric griddle. Add lots of them.

Then you just watch them carefully for bubbles, then flip. (about 1 minute on each side)

And ta-da you now have little mini pancakes, or you could call them bite size pancakes.

Have a great weekend.

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