the white stuff. and bam and olive updates.

Last time I glanced outside we had a good heavy dusting of the white stuff, and more to be expected through the weekend. Can you believe it? FINALLY! However, with temperatures rising into the 40’s again this week and some rainfall in our forecast I doubt it will stay too long.


Brandon’s vacation is going well. He’s been doing alot of drawing and crafting. He’s got a new dry erase board that he’s loving and he’s really into the whole calender and days of the week.

In just the past few days I’ve noticed our television tuned onto the Speed channel. Boys got Nascar fever. Seriously never seen anything like it, almost like it happened overnight. He wants to watching racing whenever the tv is on. Truth is, he’s never been into racing before now.  Tonight he fell asleep slumped against me watching a race. He asked questions like “why isn’t Junior on this one?” and “why do they wear goggles and a helmet?”..of course I gave him my best guesses, though really, I know nothing about any of it myself.


I was able to schedule the kids for their check ups in a few more weeks. Olive needs vaccines and Brandon needs to get in for his 8 year well check. I can’t wait to see how much they have grown. I picked up Brandon a size 8 long sleeved shirt today and noticed immediately that the arms are just perfect right now. He seems to be going through a growth spurt just this past week. Eating his dinner and hungry again within a few hours.

Brandon has been talking in his sleep alot also, maybe due to this growth spurt?


Little Olive seems to be going through a growth spurt as well. Waking several, like at least ten times a night or better, crying and searching around with her hand for her pacifier and puppy.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but right now Olive’s obsessed with brushing her teeth. She will run into the bathroom, turn around to look at us, and say “teeth?” Then she’ll run to the sink and pick up the toothpaste and bring it to us and say “teeth?” again. Until we obviously give in because she’s just too cute. This happens many times a day. And, Olive knows how to brush them like a pro. She’s awesome. And I didn’t teach her this. I have no idea how she knew how to brush her teeth.


Okay i have no pictures to share at the moment but hopefully I find some inspiration this weekend to take my camera out.


Goodnight. Or should I say good morning?

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