Making things happen ’round here.


Ahh this morning was so welcoming. Bright, sunny and warm. The birds were singing their songs as we got into the car to take Brandon to school. He said to me “it feels like spring”. Oh does it ever. I love it. I only wished we could have got out of bed a bit earlier so we could have walked to the bus stop instead.

In the past few weeks I have noticed Brandon has been having trouble sleeping so I leave my phone in his bedroom and have downloaded a sleep sounds application. It seems to be helping and he looks forward to choosing a sound at bedtime. Best part is, if I leave it plugged in it will stay on all night and it has a built-in night light.

Olive and I have been walking nearly every week day. It’s great because it gives us both some fresh air and makes me feel a ton better emotionally.

Brandon and Olive don’t realize how theraputic they have been to me these past weeks. Seriously. All they have to do is smile or be their silly selves and they are an instant mood booster. Kind of like the same effect you get from being in the sun- only better.

We have a BIG plan in the next few weeks. We are making things happen ’round here. Potty training our girl is at the top of my to-do list. After this batch of diapers are gone we are moving on to training pants and underwear. We think she’s ready. She’s been showing signs for a while only more consistant now and aware of what is what. I’m excited for this new journey.

Olive loves listening and watching for the train now and when she hears it she will shout “toot toot”.

Another cute thing she does is dance while saying “shake it up”. She says it at random times, even at dinner or in bed. It’s hilarious.

Happy Thursday!


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