Oh no’s.

Olive woke up on Thursday morning a little out of sorts, so to speak. I scooped her up and sat her in her highchair so I could make her and Brandon breakfast before I took him to school. I kept hearing “eyes” from around the corner. When I gave her the breakfast she pointed to the right one and said “eyes”. Of course I just thought she was making small talk like normal so I said it back to her. The morning went on and throughtout the afternoon she was still saying it and pointing. Still didn’t think anything was wrong because at that time they looked normal to me.

By evening, after dinner she started fussing and rubbing her face and eye, exclaiming “eyes”. I looked. It looked mildly bloodshot. I gave her a bath and put her to bed hoping by morning it would somehow resolve itself and be better.

She woke Friday and it looked a bit worse and she had a little swelling. I called the doctor but they were double booked and unable to see her but advised us to the Walk In Clinic which did not open until evening, when Olive would be in bed. She woke last night at 2am rubbing her eye. I could tell it must be super itchy and irritated. I suspected Pink Eye, also known as Conjunctivitis.

I took her to the Walk In this morning and she was diagnosed with Viral Conjunctivitis. “Oh No’s!” As Olive would say. No medications were necessary, just warm compresses and eye drops if needed. I hope Brandon doesn’t catch it as it is contagious for up to 14 days.


Last night we got a dusting of snow so here I was all excited thinking all morning that when Olive woke from her nap she, Brandon and I would be heading outside for some sledding. Sun is out just as bright and as warm as can be all day. I look out around 2:30pm and laugh because it practically disappeared within those few short hours. Goodbye snow. For now.




First photo was taken about a half hour ago. The other was taken 3 days ago. Yes it got up to 48 degrees that day as you can see towards the bottom of the digital. Nice, as Olive would say. Today it’s a chillin at 28 degrees, much more normal but obviously less desirable. Really I would absolutely love the 40’s with about 2 feet of snow vs the cold blustery conditions that are considered normal in the north east. Though that is not our reality as of yet. We have had a very mild winter thus far and the lack of snow here is almost unheard of in February.


More photos to come in the next few days.

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