Life and reality.


This is what I have been thinking alot about lately. My life. Our life. And all we are blessed. How everything can change so quickly, without warning. It’s scary. I think it’s more with having to face the realities of it all more than anything though. The thing that scares me is how uncertain it can be.  Life. The reality is we never know one day from the next. But if I could see it, one day from the next, would I want to? I don’t think I would, because I would then have to face the reality of it. The reality I’m so afraid of. Seeing  life slip away from someone I love so dearly is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face in my life. In our life. The reality, it was there that day and it still lingers. I still can’t grasp the fact that I can’t call him, can’t skype with him, can’t hear his voice, can’t see him. He’s gone. The days are gone. And I hate it. Two weeks. Two weeks with this giant void in our lives. The cards. More came today. Reminders of a dear life so significant. A life that touched so many hearts.


4 thoughts on “Life and reality.

  1. Death is a cruel reality we all must face. I am not sure which is harder knowing someone you love will soon be leaving you or to have them go quickly unexpectedly. both are horrible. on one hand you get a chance to say your goodbyes and I love you’s and the other there are so many things left unknown and unsaid. he is gone but he filled all of your hearts with so much love that you will always feel him he will always be a part of you. I love you please e-mail me if you ever need to talk

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