I love you.

I love you.This is Olive’s new sentence. She started saying it on Thursday. The day dad passed away. And now she says it all the time. When we walk by she will say I love you and just now I heard Brandon laughing and Olive said “I love you” to him. Last night I recorded her on video. Its the sweetest words coming from grampa’s girl and they are so comforting.

Today I went through Brandon and Olive’s clothes. Packing up all of the 12 month and 6/7’s. I always avoid it because I think back to how little they were and how much bigger they have already grown. I sighed big time and got very emotional when I came across the shirt Olive wore at her first Birthday party at dads. I will pass Brandon and Olive’s clothing on to their cousins. Time passes by so quickly.

Sundays were always spent at dads and today we are feeling that void. Tomorrow we don’t want to think about. His funeral.

0 thoughts on “I love you.

  1. I always get tears in my eyes when I read what you write about him your so loving, you will get though it , it will be hard but you will…. I wish their was no such thing of dieing its not fair, to have that feeling that you can’t go on it’s not the same without that person so close to you fatherly, I wish I could take all the pain away, maybe you and den should sit down at dinner every Sunday and relive those memorie that you guys had it would help…

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