back to school. and other musings.

Brandon has finally started back to school. We are crossing our fingers everything goes smoothly and he can get a full week in, something that has not been accomplished as of yet, since we moved here at the beginning of December. We crave routine. Structure in our children’s everyday lives. Something that we have lacked  lately.

Today we had a meeting with Brandon’s teacher to review his report card. He is doing excellent. Excellent at math, reading and science. Spelling too. Despite the missed days, he’s right on track with the other students. Tonight he was doing his homework and creating sentences on paper all by himself. He makes us so proud.

We are starting a task chart, which I am calling “Brandon’s List”, complete with a “Star Jar”. For each task he completes he earns a star for the jar. At the end of the week we will count the stars in the jar and if he has at least 22, he can play the Wii on the weekends. The list is to help motivate him, it includes simple things like eating your dinner in a timely manner, get ready for school, do homework, etc. I think it will work out great.


Olive has been teething like crazy these past few days. Like chewing on her sleeves till they are soaked. I would attempt to check her teeth but I’m afraid I would never get my fingers back, girlfriend has shark jaws hahah!

(she loves putting  Mr. Potato Head together)

I’ve been asking Olive if she can say certain words, usually when she’s in her highchair and I’m doing dishes, and here’s a list of most of the words she can say so far:




meme(our nickname for Mena, our dog)



























butterfly(fly fly)























olive (i love)


burt(as in Earnie and Bert)



poop (she is ALWAYS saying “I pooped”, even when she hasn’t.. 😀 )








french fries


thank you




…..She picks most words up by listening to her brother and if either Dennis or I are holding something or pick something up in front of her, we always say what it is out loud and ask her of she can say it.  We love hearing her talk, it makes us laugh hearing her little girl voice coming through now.

(reading Baby Talk magazine)


I’ve been working on our family tree. So much fun! I love reading about our ancestors. It’s amazing the research one can do with only a little bit of information. Very addicting.


We got a new car. This mama loves it.

But I must say, I dig the wheels on this car a bit more. 😉


I made ‘the best salad ever’. Seriously. Just had to put that out there.

This beautiful vintage table runner was Grammy White’s.  LOVE.


In other news, here it is ALMOST FEBRUARY, working on the 40 degree mark in the next few days and we have no snow right now, just patches of ice here and there. So not like Vermont at all.  Of course this can only mean one thing, We will be getting some very very soon and then my friends, we will be able to enjoy all that sledding we promised the kids.









Thursday Quicky. Mostly pictures.

A quick low-down..

Because this was written last night and I fell asleep before i hit the publish button.

Today was a rare sleep-in-late kind of day.  One of those mornings you wish you could just sleep a few more hours but crawl out of the covers at 9am because, alas, all good things must come to an end and just knowing my favorite Golden French Toast coffee is waiting, waiting for my anticipated morning conversation with my husband, along with two children greeting me with big smiles…so worth  it.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the sunrises and sunsets here?

Ahh-maaa-zing! And that’s to say the least. Even the mid day views are beautiful.

We can’t wait to enjoy it moreso in the spring out on the back deck.

Breakfast I whipped up for my sweet husband because, well, he rocks my world and I appreciate him so much. 😀

Our snow is pretty much non existent as of this moment, some ice here and there, some grass too. Temperatures are making it feel and look more spring-like than anything. And I have yet to take pictures of our grass, but I will before it is covered by that pretty white stuff again tonight.

All of the photos in this post were taken over the past week and a half.

Olive has her very own mirror, which she loves to look at herself  in and  say hello to “I love” (this is how she says Olive).

Stream of Conscience

So, I hate to do it but I’m going to start off with a rant. Yesterday I had a blog post all typed via my cell phone. Battery was low. I knew it was a bad idea, yet I kept typing anyway, just because sometimes I’m a bad-ass like that. Then, just as quickly as I had wrote, my phone shut off on me. Not saving a draft on it’s way out… Figures.


Initially, I wrote about how on Friday Brandon came home from school with a rash which I dismissed until Saturday morning because at first it didn’t look like anything to worry about. He had no other symptoms besides rash and itching and it seemed mild. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to something he was doing at school and assumed it would be better by the end of the weekend. Saturday morning I took him up to the ER, where he was diagnosed with Chicken Pox, even though he was vaccinated when he was little. Olive has been vaccinated also so I asked what the chances would be that she would catch this. Apparently, when you get vaccinated it only protects you 85%, so there is still that small chance. Brandon must have been that small chance. So, no school until Monday, or until it resolves. Scary because his lymph nodes in his skull are swollen. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it and I was unaware we even had lymph nodes in our skull. In the meantime we will be doing school work from home.


I’ve taken some photos this past week, which I will post later this evening.


Olive’s hair is coming in so beautifully. I was just talking to Dennis about how in a few more months she would be wearing barrettes. Finally. I can’t wait. To see her with hair, eep. I plan on purchasing a pretty box this spring for all of her hair accessories.


Today greeted us with above normal temperatures here in Vermont. A very mild 40 degrees. I see grass. Lots of green grass. And water. Our back yard is looking more like a pond right now.


I will be back later with new pictures.. Have a great day.

Life and reality.


This is what I have been thinking alot about lately. My life. Our life. And all we are blessed. How everything can change so quickly, without warning. It’s scary. I think it’s more with having to face the realities of it all more than anything though. The thing that scares me is how uncertain it can be.  Life. The reality is we never know one day from the next. But if I could see it, one day from the next, would I want to? I don’t think I would, because I would then have to face the reality of it. The reality I’m so afraid of. Seeing  life slip away from someone I love so dearly is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face in my life. In our life. The reality, it was there that day and it still lingers. I still can’t grasp the fact that I can’t call him, can’t skype with him, can’t hear his voice, can’t see him. He’s gone. The days are gone. And I hate it. Two weeks. Two weeks with this giant void in our lives. The cards. More came today. Reminders of a dear life so significant. A life that touched so many hearts.

A bug. Oldies.

It was 2am this morning when I awoke to the sound of crying in between a puking episode. Poor Olive. I quickly changed her, her bedding and started a load of laundry. I put her back to bed but she knew puppy was in the wash and we all know girlfriend can’t sleep without it so she waited. And waited. Around 5am, somewhere between listening to Steve Perry’s “Oh, Sherry” and Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing compares to you”  I heard the buzz of the dryer  proclaiming it’s done. The puppy was finally dry. She snuggled with him a few moments before drifting off to sleep again. It must have been just a slight touch of the flu bug because she was fine all day today. Whew.  Really, I hate to see our children sick. I turn into a little helpless mama. I get all panicky and emotional seeing our babies sick and want nothing more but for them to feel better again.


Tonight I cuddled with Brandon in the big chair and watched a show we use to watch all the time together, Wipe Out. We hadn’t watched it since last fall I believe. We laughed out loud. It felt good to just laugh. Tomorrow, I’m planning on opening his new Battleship game he got from Santa and coaxing him into playing it with me. I haven’t played Battleship myself since I was just a little girl and the games have really gotten better with time. Can’t wait.


I know I haven’t taken and posted any pictures from my camera in over a week. Truth is, I have been avoiding it. The camera. Like a plague. Last time I used it we were going to see dad. I look at the bag several times a day but I have yet to open it.

I will in time. ..


Meantime, Here are a few oldies, as I like to call them. It’s always nice to look back and remember.


Oh, one more thing.

When I ask Olive if she can say Olive, she replies with “love you”. Every time. Melts my heart.

Snow baby.





Olive absolutely loves the snow. She begs “get down” when I take her outside. She calls it “knows”. She will run over to the slider, look out onto the deck and point “knows?” And she will look at me. Waiting for me to say snow so she can clap at the excitement of me understanding her words.
I ask her every morning “where’s grampa?” And she will look up at his picture with the biggest smile. God I miss him so much. I hate that he is missing all of this.We tell Olive every day “you grampa’s girl”, just like he always said and she responds “yeah”.

I love you.

I love you.This is Olive’s new sentence. She started saying it on Thursday. The day dad passed away. And now she says it all the time. When we walk by she will say I love you and just now I heard Brandon laughing and Olive said “I love you” to him. Last night I recorded her on video. Its the sweetest words coming from grampa’s girl and they are so comforting.

Today I went through Brandon and Olive’s clothes. Packing up all of the 12 month and 6/7’s. I always avoid it because I think back to how little they were and how much bigger they have already grown. I sighed big time and got very emotional when I came across the shirt Olive wore at her first Birthday party at dads. I will pass Brandon and Olive’s clothing on to their cousins. Time passes by so quickly.

Sundays were always spent at dads and today we are feeling that void. Tomorrow we don’t want to think about. His funeral.