2012. Hope.

2011. I want to think it was a good, full filling year full of happiness, love and laughter. Reality hits me hard now. Truth is most of the year I felt hopeless, distraught, and totally not my easy going, happy self. My heart? It hurts.

With Dad’s(my father in law) diagnosis brought me so much fear, fear of losing the man I’ve looked up to for so many wonderful years. I love so many things about him, his kindness, his love for us, his children and his grandchildren, his comforting words, his sense of humor, his easy going personality.

I think about he and Olive’s bond. They are so close. About how he’s seen a lot of her firsts. How grateful we are for that. Her first tooth. Her first words. Her first steps. Her first birthday. Her first time being a flower girl. Her first time calling him “Gaw-paw”. It makes me so sad and so thankful. I thank god for every day we get to share.

Life is so delicate. Cherish every second, the moments, the memories.

The word I chose for 2012?


I hope for comfort.

I hope for understanding.

I hope someone finds a cure for cancer.


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. -Mother Teresa

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