memory lane 2011

Me. 31.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2011?
Going further with my photography, believing in myself and my abilities. Every day i learn more to better myself as a photographer, wife and mother.

I Love You.

Still Laughing.

Still smiling.

Winter Wonderland.



I Was Inspired…

Spring Fever.


Summer Days.

A Day In My Life.

Behind The Scenes. 

All Smiles.





Let’s Do It Again.

I Miss You.


Dress Up.

Macro. Holiday.

One Of My Favorites.

Don’t Ever Change.

Just Because…So There!  Hopes for 2012-

To take every opportunity to be there for our little family, spending quality time together and having fun. To try to get Brandon involved in a sport or hobby at school. Playing, singing, dancing, crafting, being silly with our kids. I hope to have a pretty apron, watch the food network more often and bake with some new recipes. Making new memories and traditions.

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