Christmas goodness. traditions. family.

(Olive’s booties Ball Hank n’ Skein)

Christmas brings about some of our favorite treats. It’s not just the normal hot chocolate and marshmallows in our house. It’s espresso with lots of whipped cream and dark chocolate syrup drizzled on top or hot chocolate with whipped cream and shredded chocolate, hand shredded by me and it makes me happy to take the time to liven it up a bit.

Have you had a chocolate orange? It’s so neat the whole cracking of the orange. I discovered them a few years ago, became hooked and it’s now my holiday tradition to have at least one. Trust me when I say they are so delicious. My husband, Dennis, noticed them at our local grocery store a few nights ago and slipped it into our grocery cart, oh I so noticed immediately and grinned.

A few aisles down I spied Edy’s Eggnog Ice Cream. That too came home with us.

This Christmas dinner will be prime rib again. This too is our tradition. I now realize we have more traditions than I thought we did. Life is good, and so is the Christmas goodness, oh and this too! Eggnog is a must-have Christmas dinner staple in our home.

I have a feeling my scale is mocking me right now.  🙂

Brandon and I made sugar cookies.

Yes, Mickey helped too, kind of.

And tada, all done.


Tomorrow, Dad will be coming up with Pete and Diane to have a huge turkey dinner(think Thanksgiving again) and visit us in our new home for the first time. In a way it is like Thanksgiving day, we will be giving thanks for tomorrow and every day we can share with dad. This day is so very significant and so meaningful. We will cherish our time together with our family.


I wanted to mention that on our blog you will probably see both camera and phone pictures in the same post. Sometimes I leave my camera home, moreso in the winter due to the moisture and humidity in the air. But generally I have my phone with me to make up for it.


Have a wonderful weekend.

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