2012. Hope.

2011. I want to think it was a good, full filling year full of happiness, love and laughter. Reality hits me hard now. Truth is most of the year I felt hopeless, distraught, and totally not my easy going, happy self. My heart? It hurts.

With Dad’s(my father in law) diagnosis brought me so much fear, fear of losing the man I’ve looked up to for so many wonderful years. I love so many things about him, his kindness, his love for us, his children and his grandchildren, his comforting words, his sense of humor, his easy going personality.

I think about he and Olive’s bond. They are so close. About how he’s seen a lot of her firsts. How grateful we are for that. Her first tooth. Her first words. Her first steps. Her first birthday. Her first time being a flower girl. Her first time calling him “Gaw-paw”. It makes me so sad and so thankful. I thank god for every day we get to share.

Life is so delicate. Cherish every second, the moments, the memories.

The word I chose for 2012?


I hope for comfort.

I hope for understanding.

I hope someone finds a cure for cancer.


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. -Mother Teresa

memory lane 2011

Me. 31.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2011?
Going further with my photography, believing in myself and my abilities. Every day i learn more to better myself as a photographer, wife and mother.

I Love You.

Still Laughing.

Still smiling.

Winter Wonderland.



I Was Inspired…

Spring Fever.


Summer Days.

A Day In My Life.

Behind The Scenes. 

All Smiles.





Let’s Do It Again.

I Miss You.


Dress Up.

Macro. Holiday.

One Of My Favorites.

Don’t Ever Change.

Just Because…So There!  Hopes for 2012-

To take every opportunity to be there for our little family, spending quality time together and having fun. To try to get Brandon involved in a sport or hobby at school. Playing, singing, dancing, crafting, being silly with our kids. I hope to have a pretty apron, watch the food network more often and bake with some new recipes. Making new memories and traditions.

Twas the night before. A white Christmas.

Twas the night before. The cookies and milk were set by the fireplace in hopes that Santa would find them. Pretty papers just waiting for a special gift to adorn.

Santa left a note.

We woke to a white Christmas this year. It was beautiful. Mom was here to share the joy of watching the kids open their presents in the morning. Brandon was so excited to unwrap gifts and Olive couldn’t have been any less interested. Instead she found a coloring book and some crayons and was as happy as could be. Brandon really enjoyed unwrapping Olive’s this year for her though and when she spotted the dolly Santa had brought for her she was anxious for me to get it out of the box it was in and into her hands. After a fun filled Christmas morning I made the dining room as pretty as I could for our Christmas dinner.    Den and I looked up prime rib recipes for our annual prime rib dinner, but in the end we decided to wing it and it was absolutely fabulous. I trend to think we rock, but I’m a little bias.

 We made all the fixin’s to go with it, including a yummy pumpkin bread. It was so wonderful to have Chris and Mark here. It meant alot to us. Family is so very important and it’s great to have them so close now. I love seeing these happy faces as often as possible. After dinner it was off to play with toys for a bit, baths and then bed for the little ones.

They had a very Merry Christmas.


I’m asking for thoughts and prayers for Dad(grampa). His health is declining. It’s hard to focus on the goodness in life when your losing someone so dear that means everything to you and your family.