apples and apples and apples oh my.

Crazy to think just one year ago our apple lovin’ girl was just a small baby in cute beanie hat. And her brother? He was just waiting for his two front teeth to come in!

Now look at them! Amazing how a year can change our children so much.

I know I have said this already before, but I will say it again because I think it’s just adorable that Olive is obsessed with apples (or “bapples” as she calls them).

Yep one in each hand, this is how she rolls.

The apples here are starting to turn so now she examines all of their brown specks.

(Olive’s arm warmers courtesy of Crawler Covers) We LOVE them so much!

(Booties courtesy of Ball Hank n’ Skein) Super warm and we love that we got to choose the colors!!

When she doesn’t have her heart set on apples she’s a baby on a mission to find her brother.

So we can play peek-a-boo!!

I love that Brandon uses his turtle fur neck warmer as a hat, hehe.

Happy Monday.

The cat and the mouse.


There once was a mouse who lived in a hole in the wall. 

The mouse was sleeping in his hole.

The mouse woke up and jumped out of his hole,


and then a cat jumped out at him.

The cat said “would you like to share some cheese with me?”

The mouse said “yes!”

The mouse brought out a plate with a piece of cheese and he cut it. 

Then they shared. 

The end. 

hot off the press.

Brandon would like to contribute stories to the blog and I’m very excited to see what he comes up with! He’s going to be writing short stories, with pictures he’s drawn, and just brought me a book cover he’s made with title and all. All photography associated with the books will be by him as well.

This boys got some major talent!


lovey love.

Brandon was 6 when he began his attachment to a cute plush mouse.

Mickey Mouse.

(yep, Mickey went to see Smurfs, in 3D!)

Before this Brandon wanted nothing to do with stuffed animals. Almost immediately it was Mickey this, Mickey that, Mickey must go here and there and everywhere. Mickey has had quite the life with Brandon, even taking him to the tippy top of Mount Washington, taking in the serene scenery! Mickey’s life is grand to say the least.

Lucky mouse.

Mickey even has the luxury of riding in a shopping cart when we go shopping.

Yes he goes everywhere, and i mean everywhere.

Even skydiving…don’t worry, he’s fine…landing safely into the arms of Brandon of course.  ;-D

He’s got so much adventure in him i tell ya. From the moment he left the dungeon store, it’s been nothing but fun and games.


Olive became attached to her puppy blanket from the beginning.

She was about 2 months old when we got it for her. Like Brandon and Mickey, Olive and puppy go just about everywhere together.

Bedtime, naps, stroller rides, car rides, to the park, etc…

Wherever Olive has been puppy is almost guaranteed to have been there with her too.

I’m so glad they each have something sentimental that means so much. In a way i think it helps bring out the best in them.

Happy Friday.

sweet November.

It’s so hard to believe a new year is upon us. This one has literally flew by.  Mornings are now spent trying to savor those last few minutes under warm blankets just begging to be snuggled a bit longer than usual.

These are the days i hit the snooze button a zillion times before I realize I’ve slept in a little too long and have to take Brandon to school instead. Not that I mind taking him to school at all, in fact I absolutely love it, I just don’t like to have to scrap frost off the windshield first. I remember loving winter when I was much younger. The cold didn’t bother me one bit. I loved the snow. Making snow men, snow angels, ice skating, skiing, sledding,  it was great.


Well, Let’s just say I would prefer to be woken up in the spring haha!

 Kidding aside, I do enjoy spending time outside playing with the kids. Olive obsesses over the fallen apples, per usual and Brandon and I enjoy kicking a ball around while she chases it back and fourth.

The fall leaves are very crunchy from the frost they have endured and oh so fun to run through.

(Olive in Crawler Covers)

Isn’t this pixie hat the cutest? Olive’s Auntie Diane made a few of these from a vintage pattern she had and we just love them so much!!

Right now we have a few mild days in between the cold ones, a tease of sorts. So we soak it up and enjoy those days because we know as each day passes we are that much closer to winter and all it brings.

(Olive in Crawler Covers. Perfect for fall!!)

We have had a few flurries here and there but it wont be long before the real stuff arrives. Brandon is already talking about his Birthday, which is quickly approaching and making a Christmas list for Santa.

Speaking of Santa, we will be visiting him shortly for pictures.

But for now, we will enjoy apples, crispy crunch leaves beneath our soles, hat’s and mittens, hot chocolate, extra snuggles,  warm cider and anything else that makes the fall months much more bearable.

Like kids in cute hats!

Halloween Update.

The night started off just as I had pictured it. The kids excitedly put on their costumes, Olive had a little help from mama, Brandon grabbed his Mickey Mouse and out the door we went.

Candy and the light of a perfect crescent moon awaited us.

But the rest of  the evening didn’t go as I had envisioned.

They didn’t walk holding hands happily,  nor did they delightfully skip from house to house together whispering trick-or-treat to our neighbors. Oh no. As much as I had hoped Olive would absolutely love Halloween. She didn’t. In fact, if girlfriend could have, I’m sure she would have chose to stay home instead. She walked up to the first house. Happy at first. But happy turned to fright when a neighbor said “hello!” to her.

That’s all it took for her to lose it. This was to be the only house she would visit this Halloween. And that is okay. In time, she like her brother will grow to love and anticipate it as years pass.  She like him will someday ask how many more days until Halloween. And she like him will beg some day to become some magnificent character she adores. And though I myself anticipate those days to come in our future, I will sit back and cherish these baby years that we get to enjoy right now because we know how fast they slip by….

Olive went to ride in the comfort of her stroller while daddy pushed her around for the remainder of our time outside.

Brandon was much more independent this year.

He has really broken out of the shy stage he was going through.

I love how polite and thoughtful our little man is becoming.


All of the ‘thank yous’ make this mama proud.


Cheers to many more wonderful Halloweens to come.