a little earthly inspiration.

As of today, Brandon is officially obsessed with Google Earth. It’s all he’s cared to talk about all day long so naturally I had to go see for myself what the hype was all about. Let me tell you it is marvelous. I mean you can travel to so many places without standing in line at the airport, long delays and without carrying any baggage. Oh and the best part of all? You can travel to The Grand Canyon, Disney in Florida, then to Los Angeles and on to Japan in a matter of seconds…or any other great place your heart desires. Tonight Brandon wants to go to Greenland and Iceland…no passports needed, yay. Me? I think I will take a quick trip to Paris before bed.


Today was a do-absolutely-nothing day. And when I say nothing what I really mean is nothing at all, except entertain our children. I didn’t even take photos today so I will leave you with a few oldies to hold you over.

This photo of Olive was taken this past spring.

This photo below of Olive I took for her 1 year birthday photo shoot.

A photo shoot I did with Olive before Heath and Bridget’s wedding (Olive was their flower girl)

Brandon at this really cool graffiti wall. 

Brandon, Olive and I.

A photo shoot protest. Hahaha!

Daddy got a great photo.

Our bonnet baby ready for a stroller ride, then a nap.

and the last one is a collage I made last fall.

Hope you all had a great Monday, where ever on Google Earth you may be.


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