Today Brandon is 8.

And as I was folding laundry this morning I asked him if he would like to get dressed. Brandon chose to stay in his pajama’s today because as he says “It’s the weekend, my days off!”

I now realize this has become our own little tradition of sorts. There are many Saturdays we stay in our pajama’s all day long. He will always remember lounging in his pj’s on the weekends, and to be honest I’m totally cool with that tradition however small it may seem. I asked him as I was pouring my coffee what he thought about being an 8 year old now and if he’s sad he’s not 7 anymore. He looked at me really serious and replied “I think I like being a bit older”… a bit older? Really? This coming from our now 8 year old, but to me it sounded like something a 30 year old would say….bit, wow.  An 8 year old using the sentence “a bit older” ? I love it! He really amazes me with his vocabulary.

He and I sat down at breakfast and we talked about all of the things that happened during his 7th year.

We made this short list…

We talked about how he got his two front teeth finally.

How it was he and Olive’s very first Thanksgiving together.

And their very first Christmas together.

He mentioned their first sled ride together too.

We talked about how he completed 1’st grade.

He started 2nd grade.

He made new friends.

The picnics we had together.

All of the fun days at the park.

The tooth fairy stopped by on three separate occasions and left $10 each time.

How this summer he overcame his fear of water when we went swimming.

He and Olive’s first year in the water at the beach together, he helped push her around on her floaty.

And he learned how to do a semi-cartwheel on the front lawn.

Speaking of lawn, he had his very first yard sale this summer.

He learned how to take pictures.

He can make his own comics.

He writes stories.

He washed our cars this summer and did a fabulous job!

He learned how to read all by himself with hardly any help at all anymore.

He knows how to spell and create sentences.

It’s also incredible how much he’s grown. He started age 7 in a size 6 and now our long legged boy is a cool size 8. In just a year.


We all just chilled out together today and had fun.

Brandon created Mii characters on the Wii  today so I have made a few small collages while trying to contain my laughter. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. We just love this boy!

…and cuter than those, would have to be these ones haha!

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY BAM! We love you so much!

Love Always,
Mommy, Daddy and Olive Madeline.

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