a dusting of snowfall. behind the scenes.

A behind the scenes look at our photo shoot for The Pink Llama Shop yesterday!

It’s 11am and Olive just fell asleep. A touch of fresh air and playing in the dusting of snowfall we got overnight was all it too to make our girl tired. I should really be taking advantage of this and nap myself because this cold I’ve had for over two weeks now is very draining, but here I am blogging a draft instead for tonight because well…

I’m so excited to share some new pictures I took today! And I’m not the only one, as you can see!

Really Olive in her pixie hats just melt my heart, add a bit of snow to that and a cute pink nose and there you have it- a perfect picture.

(Olive investigating a pine cone for the first time)

It was a pretty chilly day here in Vermont but we rocked it out, because when you live in the north east that’s all you can do.


And we all know what comes next…

Inside for some hot chocolate, cuddling and all of the comforts of home.


Olive is cutting a few more teeth which I believe is why she has been a little irritable these last few days. While I was getting her ready for bed tonight I noticed them poking through.

She and Brandon are watching an old classic this evening, Corduroy Bear.

Happy Friday.

(Olive spotted Brandon’s bus this afternoon and got the biggest smile on her face- she screamed ‘the buh, the buh’ half laughing and half crying because she was so happy to see him!)   

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