Halloween Update.

The night started off just as I had pictured it. The kids excitedly put on their costumes, Olive had a little help from mama, Brandon grabbed his Mickey Mouse and out the door we went.

Candy and the light of a perfect crescent moon awaited us.

But the rest of  the evening didn’t go as I had envisioned.

They didn’t walk holding hands happily,  nor did they delightfully skip from house to house together whispering trick-or-treat to our neighbors. Oh no. As much as I had hoped Olive would absolutely love Halloween. She didn’t. In fact, if girlfriend could have, I’m sure she would have chose to stay home instead. She walked up to the first house. Happy at first. But happy turned to fright when a neighbor said “hello!” to her.

That’s all it took for her to lose it. This was to be the only house she would visit this Halloween. And that is okay. In time, she like her brother will grow to love and anticipate it as years pass.  She like him will someday ask how many more days until Halloween. And she like him will beg some day to become some magnificent character she adores. And though I myself anticipate those days to come in our future, I will sit back and cherish these baby years that we get to enjoy right now because we know how fast they slip by….

Olive went to ride in the comfort of her stroller while daddy pushed her around for the remainder of our time outside.

Brandon was much more independent this year.

He has really broken out of the shy stage he was going through.

I love how polite and thoughtful our little man is becoming.


All of the ‘thank yous’ make this mama proud.


Cheers to many more wonderful Halloweens to come.

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