a little earthly inspiration.

As of today, Brandon is officially obsessed with Google Earth. It’s all he’s cared to talk about all day long so naturally I had to go see for myself what the hype was all about. Let me tell you it is marvelous. I mean you can travel to so many places without standing in line at the airport, long delays and without carrying any baggage. Oh and the best part of all? You can travel to The Grand Canyon, Disney in Florida, then to Los Angeles and on to Japan in a matter of seconds…or any other great place your heart desires. Tonight Brandon wants to go to Greenland and Iceland…no passports needed, yay. Me? I think I will take a quick trip to Paris before bed.


Today was a do-absolutely-nothing day. And when I say nothing what I really mean is nothing at all, except entertain our children. I didn’t even take photos today so I will leave you with a few oldies to hold you over.

This photo of Olive was taken this past spring.

This photo below of Olive I took for her 1 year birthday photo shoot.

A photo shoot I did with Olive before Heath and Bridget’s wedding (Olive was their flower girl)

Brandon at this really cool graffiti wall. 

Brandon, Olive and I.

A photo shoot protest. Hahaha!

Daddy got a great photo.

Our bonnet baby ready for a stroller ride, then a nap.

and the last one is a collage I made last fall.

Hope you all had a great Monday, where ever on Google Earth you may be.



Today Brandon is 8.

And as I was folding laundry this morning I asked him if he would like to get dressed. Brandon chose to stay in his pajama’s today because as he says “It’s the weekend, my days off!”

I now realize this has become our own little tradition of sorts. There are many Saturdays we stay in our pajama’s all day long. He will always remember lounging in his pj’s on the weekends, and to be honest I’m totally cool with that tradition however small it may seem. I asked him as I was pouring my coffee what he thought about being an 8 year old now and if he’s sad he’s not 7 anymore. He looked at me really serious and replied “I think I like being a bit older”… a bit older? Really? This coming from our now 8 year old, but to me it sounded like something a 30 year old would say….bit, wow.  An 8 year old using the sentence “a bit older” ? I love it! He really amazes me with his vocabulary.

He and I sat down at breakfast and we talked about all of the things that happened during his 7th year.

We made this short list…

We talked about how he got his two front teeth finally.

How it was he and Olive’s very first Thanksgiving together.

And their very first Christmas together.

He mentioned their first sled ride together too.

We talked about how he completed 1’st grade.

He started 2nd grade.

He made new friends.

The picnics we had together.

All of the fun days at the park.

The tooth fairy stopped by on three separate occasions and left $10 each time.

How this summer he overcame his fear of water when we went swimming.

He and Olive’s first year in the water at the beach together, he helped push her around on her floaty.

And he learned how to do a semi-cartwheel on the front lawn.

Speaking of lawn, he had his very first yard sale this summer.

He learned how to take pictures.

He can make his own comics.

He writes stories.

He washed our cars this summer and did a fabulous job!

He learned how to read all by himself with hardly any help at all anymore.

He knows how to spell and create sentences.

It’s also incredible how much he’s grown. He started age 7 in a size 6 and now our long legged boy is a cool size 8. In just a year.


We all just chilled out together today and had fun.

Brandon created Mii characters on the Wii  today so I have made a few small collages while trying to contain my laughter. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. We just love this boy!

…and cuter than those, would have to be these ones haha!

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY BAM! We love you so much!

Love Always,
Mommy, Daddy and Olive Madeline.

Seven to eight. & Our thanksgiving. & sledding.

Tonight I gave Brandon and Olive baths, lotioned and jammied them and put Olive into bed early with her puppy. Milk is being warmed in a saucer so I can make Brandon some hot chocolate before bed. It’s so surreal these last few hours of him being 7 years old, jumping and playing with his Sonic action figures with a fierce energy and enthusiasm it seems only children have.

When I look back and see photos of him at Olive’s age it makes me sad that he grew up so quickly, that time I once took for granted, and that time is gone and only now a memory and I forget some things about him when he was a baby sometimes so I have to refer to the baby book to recall what his favorite food was at a year old or what his favorite toy was at 6 months or when he got his first little baby tooth. And then I feel like a failure because I can’t remember those things on my own and what about 2 years and 3 and 4 and so on? What about all of those things I can’t remember? I only had a book for the first year…

our little boy we love you so much.

I will savor these last few hours as he goes from seven to eight years old and I will remember how I took him and Olive sledding together today and how he held her tight as we zipped around the back yard full of smiles and laughter, how we had hot chocolate together and he asked to play a Sonic game on the computer before bedtime and anticipated his upcoming birthday but saying he wanted to stay seven…. and that he only wanted presents and brownies haha!


We were so thankful to spend the day in New Hampshire with our family for Thanksgiving. It was absolutely wonderful and now a cherished memory. With lots of photos.

Olive and Brandon’s jumbo letter shirts courtesy of Gorno Couture.

Brandon and Olive enjoyed watching a Charlie Brown Special at Grampa’s.

And we caught a glimpse of a gorgeous sunrise outside dads door come morning.


We got home this afternoon, took our boots off and then I had the most brilliant idea. Let’s put our boots back on and go sledding. It was so fun. The temperature was very mild at nearly 50 degrees, perfect to get outside and enjoy it.

Leaving you with a Friday sunset.

Enjoy your weekend.