A Mario & Alice Halloween.

Last year at this time I spent hours creating the kids Halloween costumes.

For Olive it was a Super Kitty costume.

It came out so much better than I was expecting.


Next up was Brandon’s.

I created a Spongebob costume for him, a Gary the snail, and the most perfect (well perfect to a 6 year olds standards) and lifelike jellyfish with net. And he loved it.

I was such a proud mama when they were completed. I couldn’t wait until everyone could see them in their costumes.

That Halloween evening was very cold and windy last year. So much so that Olive, who was just 4 months old at the time, and daddy trailed behind us in the car and Brandon begged me to go home after walking to 3 houses.

So home we went to enjoy some hot chocolate and get warm instead.

Then we all caught terrible colds.

But this Halloween?…

This Halloween is going to be different. Great in fact. I just know it.

Brandon chose his character. Mario. So i set out to find him the cutest Mario costume I could. And I succeeded.

Really this child was born for this roll! He’s puts this costume on every day since the day he got it and uses his imagination to bring his character to life.  As a matter of fact he’s wearing it right now.  He’s so much fun!

My husband and I agreed that Olive would be Little Red Riding Hood . ..

That was until I set my sights on the sweetest little Alice In Wonderland costume! And i quickly ordered it without a second thought.

And boy am I glad i did..

So we are crossing our fingers the weather cooperates and we are able to enjoy this Halloween evening a little more than we did last year and most of all that the kids have so much fun and make everlasting memories together doing so.


Here’s to wishing you and yours a safe and happy Halloween.

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