It’s all about books.

It all started with a simple request at her baby shower.

It went something like this:

“We would love for everyone that wishes to bring something to please bring a book with a hand written message inside the cover.”

We loved that Olive received so many beautiful books with messages from our loved ones that she can looks back at in the years to come as she learns to read.

Right now our two children have a love for books.

 *Olive in Crawler Covers*

The Very Lazy Ladybug has quickly taken the lead as a current favorite of Olive’s.

This girl loves books so much she will make sure she has a book to look at in bed too.

And even after the lights go out, she uses the illumination of a nearby television to look at her book for a few minutes more.

Brandon’s current favorite is Junie B. Jones. He especially loves it when I play the part of Junie B and all her quirkiness. We highly recommend this series to children in grades 1 and 2.

Yesterday we worked on a floor puzzle together.

He loves the Smurfs!

I didn’t get a photo of the finished puzzle but i must say it was very cool. It was in the shape of a smurf instead of the traditional ‘square’ puzzle. So challenging but fun!

Before i go i want to share one last picture of Olive’s expression when she saw the bus pull up yesterday afternoon. So glad i was quick enough to capture it.

Can you say love?

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