blanket of leaves.

This was the scene just one week ago at our house.

Two days later..

And now…

Leaves blanket the ground as the last of them fall so gracefully from the trees, sometimes circling, sometimes swaying, sometimes just gliding along until they reach the bottom.  They never just fall strait down, they make a show of it. Every last one of them.

A blanket of leaves now cover our back lawn.

Just begging to be played in.   Tossed into the air, ran through, enjoyed.  So we happily oblige.

So this is how we spend our days. The days before the weather call us to stay inside more.

Peek A Boo!

We wait with anticipation..

Until we hear one of our favorite sounds..

the screeching of  bus wheels as it rolls down the hill.

And our girl gets this look on her face.

Because she knows what happens next! She will screech and holler and wave like he’s a little celebrity and she’s his biggest fan. I love this!

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