A Mario & Alice Halloween.

Last year at this time I spent hours creating the kids Halloween costumes.

For Olive it was a Super Kitty costume.

It came out so much better than I was expecting.


Next up was Brandon’s.

I created a Spongebob costume for him, a Gary the snail, and the most perfect (well perfect to a 6 year olds standards) and lifelike jellyfish with net. And he loved it.

I was such a proud mama when they were completed. I couldn’t wait until everyone could see them in their costumes.

That Halloween evening was very cold and windy last year. So much so that Olive, who was just 4 months old at the time, and daddy trailed behind us in the car and Brandon begged me to go home after walking to 3 houses.

So home we went to enjoy some hot chocolate and get warm instead.

Then we all caught terrible colds.

But this Halloween?…

This Halloween is going to be different. Great in fact. I just know it.

Brandon chose his character. Mario. So i set out to find him the cutest Mario costume I could. And I succeeded.

Really this child was born for this roll! He’s puts this costume on every day since the day he got it and uses his imagination to bring his character to life.  As a matter of fact he’s wearing it right now.  He’s so much fun!

My husband and I agreed that Olive would be Little Red Riding Hood . ..

That was until I set my sights on the sweetest little Alice In Wonderland costume! And i quickly ordered it without a second thought.

And boy am I glad i did..

So we are crossing our fingers the weather cooperates and we are able to enjoy this Halloween evening a little more than we did last year and most of all that the kids have so much fun and make everlasting memories together doing so.


Here’s to wishing you and yours a safe and happy Halloween.

Melissa Love Handmade Dolls

So excited to be featuring the talented Melissa Love.

Melissa makes handmade custom dolls and plushies and she sent Olive the sweetest custom doll I have ever laid my eyes upon.

 She is just so adorable and was created to absolute perfection!

Olive LOVES her doll, which her brother named Junie. Her pretty red hair reminds him of his favorite book  character Junie B. Jones.

We though it the perfect time to have our first ever tea party with little Junie this afternoon.

Olive had so much fun! She has just learned to feed her dolls and it’s just the sweetest.

Melissa offers two girl style dolls and a guy doll as well. We chose the girl doll style #2.

We were able to choose the style doll we wanted, as well as her hair style and color, her eyes open or shut and also her eye color. On top of all of those creative choices we were also able to choose the fabrics for her shirt and skirt! A totally customizable doll rocks!

I had the opportunity to do a Q & A with Melissa and was so inspired by her answers.

How did you get started?

Melissa: I first got started sewing a few years ago when I was interested in learning how to quilt. My grandmother showed me a few things with quilting and my love for sewing has only grown. While I was pregnant I started to notice things intended for children and babies a lot more often. Everything I saw I thought, “Would my baby enjoy that?” I have always thought that cloth dolls were a great way to be artistic and very child friendly at the same time. So while I was pregnant I tried my hand at my first plushies (what a disaster!), then came the dolls. I have been trying to get my dolls perfected for over a year now and I am still growing. I love the idea that I can create one of a kind things that children will enjoy all over the world. 

What is your inspiration behind your dolls and plushies?

Melissa: I get my inspiration from fabric, my baby girl, vintage dolls, and Japanese culture.
Any words of wisdom for any newbie crafters?

Melissa: Well I still feel like a newbie crafter myself so I’m not sure if anything I say will be too helpful. However, one thing I have definitely had to teach myself is patience. I used to get so frustrated when something didn’t turn out right! I have learnt over the last couple of years that I just need to get out of the sewing room and do something else if that happens. Once I come back to my project in a day or two I always feel re-inspired to make my project better than I originally wanted.

What do you like to do when your not crafting?

Melissa: If I’m not crafting I love to spend time with my baby girl who is almost ten months old now. I also have a love for illustration. I may not be a professional when it comes to drawing but it is definitely my first love. When I’m not cooped up in the house doing things though my hubby and I love to take walks around our small town. 

Jessica White Blog readers enjoy 10% off your order courtesy of Melissa Love using code: JWPReaders.   Etsy

Please visit Melissa Love on Twitter, and Facebook .

You can also follow her wonderful blog fennelcotton and see the other beautiful dolls she has created!!

It’s all about books.

It all started with a simple request at her baby shower.

It went something like this:

“We would love for everyone that wishes to bring something to please bring a book with a hand written message inside the cover.”

We loved that Olive received so many beautiful books with messages from our loved ones that she can looks back at in the years to come as she learns to read.

Right now our two children have a love for books.

 *Olive in Crawler Covers*

The Very Lazy Ladybug has quickly taken the lead as a current favorite of Olive’s.

This girl loves books so much she will make sure she has a book to look at in bed too.

And even after the lights go out, she uses the illumination of a nearby television to look at her book for a few minutes more.

Brandon’s current favorite is Junie B. Jones. He especially loves it when I play the part of Junie B and all her quirkiness. We highly recommend this series to children in grades 1 and 2.

Yesterday we worked on a floor puzzle together.

He loves the Smurfs!

I didn’t get a photo of the finished puzzle but i must say it was very cool. It was in the shape of a smurf instead of the traditional ‘square’ puzzle. So challenging but fun!

Before i go i want to share one last picture of Olive’s expression when she saw the bus pull up yesterday afternoon. So glad i was quick enough to capture it.

Can you say love?